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Roobs and Dan on a walk

Roobs and I walked for 45 minutes along the coast, which was healthy, but we balanced that by stopping for churros…

It being that time of year, I’ve been thinking about New Year’s resolutions and all that, and for me it’s all about health. That said, even last year I’d been thinking about health, and how important it is, and how I should be prioritising it.

But I don’t just mean physical health. To me, health means:

  • Mental health – meditation, journaling, the things that keep me balanced
  • Financial health – trying to be debt free
  • Eating clean, organic food where possible
  • Exercising enough
  • Relationship health – with family, friends, colleagues, God
  • Work/life balance
  • Environmental health – trying to cut back on plastic, for example

To be honest, the Christmas period is pretty much the complete antithesis of all these things. You eat too much, spend too much, create tonnes of plastic waste, don’t exercise at all, and generally end up in a fug of bleurgh (not a technical term). Well, you do if you’re me. Which I am.

And it’s not just my health I fret about. I worry about Roobs, Suewan, and other important people in my life. Not that I can really control anything except myself.

It’s all about balance, in the end, isn’t it? Mr Miyagi taught me that, and it’s a truly important lesson.

Because if you focus on any one of these areas of health, it’s usually at the detriment of another. For example, I could do the cliché thing and join a gym, but that would mean spending lots of money. And if I do spend more time exercising, that may be at the cost of spending time with family, or eat into time I should be focusing on work.

So although balance is important, I think the lesson is also about learning to value each day. Because I know I’m guilty of taking my relative health – any aspect of it, for granted. Circumstances can change in an instant. So today, I appreciate that I’m pretty healthy, on the whole. Thank you.

How do you balance everything in your life?

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