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Going home – reasons to be positive

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2 years into our travels and we are heading home (in 17 days! Eek!).

It feels odd and unsettling to be going home. I know we should be feeling more positive but somehow returning to the UK and dealing with bureaucracy and admin overshadows the positives which we should be focussing on. Maybe we’re just feeling grumpy because Vietnam has been amazing so the thought of a grey and chilly UK isn’t exactly comforting.

Anyway, to help get us out of this grump these are the things we are looking forward to:

  • Family! We have a new baby nephew to meet and cuddle. And a new second cousin. Woohoo! Also, Dan’s nan was recently admitted to hospital. Thankfully she’s now on the mend. We are really looking forward to seeing her and spending some time with her.
  • Friends! Yes, we’ve missed you. There are lots of new additions to our friend’s families too so there will be more cooing over ickle babies. Looking forward to catching up over a cuppa.
  • Food! A proper breakfast from No.7 Kitchen or Gruppo Lounge in WoT. Gravy! Yup. We’ve missed it. (And roast dinners). Also being able to control our diet and make healthy choices again.
  • Roobs’s friends. She is over the moon to be going back to see her besties. And even better she will be back in time for her 10th birthday! We so appreciate the girls and their families for staying in touch these past 2 years.
  • Sport! Playing netball again. Dan playing football and going to HoP again. Ooh yeah.
  • Being able to shop for things and knowing where to find them. It will be a relief to know where to find greek yoghurt and bread and marmite etc. In South East Asia we have often just picked stuff up from the supermarket and hoped for the best.
  • ‘Normal’ driving conditions! No more random beeping, motorbikes on pavements, buffalo crossing the road… At least I hope not.
  • Going to church again. Looking forward to knowing that there’ll be regular access to a church of some kind. And they’ll speak our language.

What else should we be excited about?

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  1. Definitely not the weather !!
    Really looking forward to seeing you all, is it really two years
    ……and hearing about your new plans in good ol’ Blighty.

  2. Wow guys big changes! You have moving back to Bristol to look forward to!!! Enough said in my book 🙂 And remember Europe is just on your doorstep. Norwegian are expanding and doing cheap flights out of the UK to Asia. It’s all good. Good luck with everything and if you need any moving home advice/shoulders to cry on/virtual cups of tea you know where we are x

  3. We r so much looking forward to to see you all in Singapore!

    Perfect ending place for the 2 years travel life!

    Perfect starting point for reunion with your friends!

    Love, the Kwong’s family

  4. Be great to see you guys again and each up. Not so good for you but it is really just the start of the next adventure

  5. Just found your blog, I’m from Cardiff and currently exploring Australia at the moment. We often think when we are tired of moving around and want to make a permanent base we may go to Bristol, its closer to London !. Is it a good city to live ?

    1. Author

      Hey David, Bristol is an awesome city to live in. Cheaper than London, friendly and just the right size. We love it. Come and visit!

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