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When you’re 8,000 miles from home, the last thing you expect is to turn up on UK TV.

But that’s exactly what happened to us when we were in Bali in August. With some friends, we happened to go along to the annual turtle release at Serangan Beach, organised by the Turtle Conservation And Education Center (TCEC).

Little did we realise, but there was a film crew there recording the event for the CBBC programme All Over the Place. Roobs spotted Naomi, whom she recognised from ‘Naomi’s Nightmare Adventures’. She was there with the host of the show, Ed Petrie. We got chatting to them and it turns out Naomi is from Stoke Bishop in Bristol. What a small world, as the saying goes.

Anyway, when it came to releasing the turtles, we stood strategically in the camera shot behind the presenters and now it turns out we are international TV superstars. The episode aired on 27 January 2018 and is available on BBC iPlayer for the next 29 days, if you want to watch it.

Here’s a sneaky extract which shows the part we’re in:

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  1. Did you learn anything about how the [bred at the center] turtles fare in comparison to the ones who hatch and crawl to the ocean in the wild? Or is the whole point to protect the wild ones from the illegal turtle industry?

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