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Create or consume?

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In the past I’ve talked about how travelling has created a lot of free time for ourselves, but I feel I’ve struggled to really make good use of this time.

Working in education, I’ve seen that one of the big topics right now is how technology is used in schools, in particular, is it used for consuming, or creating? As Suewan and I talked through our new year’s resolutions recently, I found this was a good debate to frame our own thinking.

Essentially, I wanted to make sure as a family we spent a balanced time doing creative things, rather than just consuming. God knows I’ve spent hours watching useless stuff on YouTube over the last year, or reading inane lists or articles that appear in my social media feeds, when I could have been using that time way more constructively.

So we’re trying to be aware of how we spend our time – are we consuming or creating? Not that it’s bad to consume (I’m enjoying the new series of Black Mirror on Netflix right now, for example). But actually being creative is what makes our hearts sing, and will make sure we don’t feel like all our time is being wasted.

Screenshot of GarageBand on Mac

What does this actually look like?

Well, for example, I’ve been spending time creating music in GarageBand – making customised tracks that I can run to or work out to. Instead of playing Candy Crush in her free time, Suewan has been working on a new website which will impart all of the travel tips and research she’s collated over the past 2 years. Roobs creates endless magical worlds in Minecraft (which is doubly good because she also gets to play with her friends online this way).

I’ve tried to be proactive in cutting out distractions too. I’ve deleted Facebook and Twitter from my mobile phone, and if I do take my mobile to the toilet with me now, I read a Bible chapter instead. Not sure how long that will last, but I am glad to be free of the noise of social media (I try to manage the times I interact with Facebook and Twitter so it’s more concentrated to one session at a time, rather than all the time).

What are your new year’s resolutions? Does any of this resonate with you? What are the creative outlets that get your juices going?

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  1. I have two things I would like to try to concentrate on this year.
    1. Be more present – in a way the same as your resolution. Be less distracted and more focused on each task when doing them. This will hopefully mean more time that is focused on something creative with the children. Time they enjoy and I do too.
    2. Make time for me to do an activity once a week just for me. Sounds selfish written down but actually the activity I’ve chosen (and asked for as a Christmas gift) is an outdoor exercise group and so not only will I meet new people and hopefully make some friends, I will also be getting myself more healthy again which can only be to the benefit of my family in both energy levels and setting a positive example.
    Much love Kemp’s – I miss you ❤️

    1. Author

      Great resolutions Lizzie. I love the idea of being more present – that’s a big one!

    2. Miss you too Gizzie! Sounds like great resolutions and not at all selfish. If you don’t look after yourself then you won’t be able to be as present for your family. x

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