Fireworks in Brisbane

Our daughter is amazing

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Fireworks in Brisbane

Most evenings, Suewan and I sit with a cup of tea and we’ll reflect on something that Roobs has done that day. It might be some piece of schoolwork she’s done; it may be the way she interacted with someone; it may be something funny she said or some quirky way she expressed herself.

Our daughter is amazing.

The point of saying this isn’t to come across all smug and better than you. The fact is, I bet your children do things just as amazing every day. But the reason I’m reflecting on this is because I’ve become more and more aware of how blessed we are that we get to see it all.

If your kid does something kind, or funny, or clever at school you might get to hear about it second hand – however, chances are you won’t hear about it at all. I could die tomorrow and I’ll know I’ve spent the last 18 months being a real part of my daughter’s life and sharing all the best moments with her, and I’m so glad we made the choice to live this way.

I understand this way of living isn’t for everyone, but I hope in reading this it will prompt you to cherish the moments you spend with your children, and to make sure you’re fully present when you’re with them.

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  1. This is so lovely to read! Proud of you guys! Proud of roobs!

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