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Horrible Science

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My friend Jemma gave me a box of 20 Horrible Science books. I loved all these books because I love learning about science and all the gory and weird things that people have made. I have taken these books around the world with me and finished them this month. Here are some of the best bits.

A box set of 20 books about Horrible Science

Frightening Light – In this book I have learnt that light is made up of light waves.

A picture of sound wavesSounds Dreadful – I learnt that sound is made of sound waves. There was a story in the book about a blind and deaf girl who was very naughty. Her mum and dad got her a teacher to try and help her behave and understand them. The teacher started tapping out words with her finger onto her hand but the girl didn’t pay any attention.

The teacher thought it was a waste of time. The teacher went out to the garden and realised the girl could use the rest of her abilities to help her understand things. For example, she let her taste water, and feel it and smell it and then tapped out water onto her hand. Then the girl understood and started to concentrate in every lesson. It was an interesting story to me.

Evolve or Die – It told me all about the evolving animals and about archaeologists finding lots of bones. And a nearly complete dinosaur.

Deadly Diseases – This is my favourite book. I just like it. I learnt about the plague – people were dropping dead like flies.

Shocking Electricity – In this book it taught me about the man who found out how fast lightning could travel. It’s very very very fast! Do you know where the safest place to stand is in a thunderstorm? The correct place is under a tree because the trees leaves and branches shelter you.

A picture of a praying mantisUgly Bugs – They told me about loads of weird bugs. For example there was a leaf butterfly. It can be camouflaged as a leaf. I learnt that praying mantises hide in a bit of grass and then when a little bug comes or another praying mantis it then jumps out and bites its head off! It does that because it knows it won’t be able to get away anymore without a brain.

Disgusting Digestion – I learnt that cows have 2 stomachs! So they eat grass and poo it out and then eat their poo and that goes in their 2nd stomach! I also found out about stomach ulcers – they can make holes in your belly and can go through layers of flesh and skin.

Killer Energy – If you’re in space and you need the toilet your pee comes out frozen. This happens because it’s so cold up there! In each book there’s a main character and in this one it was ‘the friendly monster’ and in the story we gradually carried on making it.

Painful Poison – There was this bad person who was a doctor and he used to poison his patients. He injected poison into people who would then die.

Photo of a roaring lionAngry Animals – There was a bit about big cats becoming extinct and them fighting back. They were being shot by hunters and they would fight back by trying to kill the hunters.

Vicious Veg – All plants need sunlight that they feed on by using a special pipe in their body to turn the sunlight into food.

Microscopic Monsters – Did you know that in every breath we are breathing in mite’s poo! In this book there was a diary of a dust mite. They are little mites which lie under your bed.

A picture of medicine being poured onto a spoonMeasly Medicine – In the olden days there were really useless medicines. For example earth baths, you get buried in the ground up to your neck. People thought it made you live longer.

Evil Inventions – This book is all about silly inventions. In one of the stories the guillotine machine was invented. In Scotland an Earl introduced this machine, but when he lost his power he was executed by his own machine.

To learn more about Horrible Science this is the author’s website:

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  1. Fabulous Roobs! Sounds like you have really enjoyed the books and we have learnt quite a bit from your blog! Rania and Gabri send all their love and cant wait to see you all when you return. Enjoy your adventures! xxx

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