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Class Acts summer camp in Prague

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In July we knew there wouldn’t be many things going on in terms of regular classes/activities for kids because of it being Summer holidays.

There were however, loads of Summer camps going on and so we had lots of choice in Prague. We found Summer camps focussed on football, art, lego, swimming, dance, sports etc. The one which we thought Roobs would like and which suited our dates in Prague was the Class Acts summer camp.

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The camp was for kids aged 6-12 years old and was entirely in English. It was run by 4 really lovely teachers (Teresa, Katarina, Blanka and Peppur) and there were both local and international families going. The theme for the camp was ‘Newspapers’.

On the first day Roobs was a little nervous, the teachers were great and allowed me to stay in the room for the first half hour. They would have let me stay longer but I was no longer needed as Roobs made it quite clear that she was very happy and wished her mum to leave asap! (Literally waving me and shooing me out the room with her hands whilst trying to whisper “Get out mum – you can go now, hurry up!”)

Over the 5 days the children learnt about how a newspaper is made, including all the stages. From making the actual paper itself to understanding how journalism works.

They went to Prague zoo to make paper out of elephants poo. (Her highlight!)

RoobsRoobs holding paper made from elephants poo “The elephants poo was mainly made of straw – you put all of the poo in water with some cotton wool. We had to put the poo and water into a kind of frame and then basically you take out all of the big bits and chunks of cotton wool from it and you slosh it around. Very quickly you have to turn it over and leave it to dry”

The children came up with the title of their paper – ‘News with Moves’. We all received a colour copy of the paper at the end of the week.

Photo of the paper the children made - News with Moves

There was also another day trip where the kids went to Economia’s publishing offices to learn how papers are made and written.

Roobs“We looked around the offices and we talked to some of the people there. Their jobs were to publish the papers and check if they were right. It was quite fun seeing everyone doing their jobs. But I felt they didn’t do a lot of exercise because they have to sit down on their computers all day.”

Photo of article written by Roobs and her groupRoobs came home every day with so much to tell us. She loved being part of a team and felt accepted and welcomed by all the kids and staff. The children were put in small teams and each child would have different roles: editor, writer, layout designer etc.

She was really proud when she was the ‘writer’ in her group and they wrote articles about different topics every day. They ranged from articles about the weather, the 2016 Olympics, a book review and a country profile to an article about terrorists in France.

Lunch was provided every day and so Roobs was able to try lots of Czech food.

Roobs“Every day we had soup. There were lots of squares of vegetables in them and they weren’t thick soups like we have in England. It was more like water. They were yummy. I wasn’t so keen on the traditional czech food dish of potatoes with a couscous kind of thing and eggs”.

We felt the camp was amazing. It gave Roobs a chance to hang out with kids her own age and have oodles of fun. She learnt so much about newspapers and current affairs as well as lots about Czech culture. She definitely gained confidence and discovered that she can make new friends easily by being herself and being open to new experiences.

Roobs“I found the camp quite fun. I liked making the newspapers in our groups. The teachers were really kind. I also really liked the tick game where there is a blue peg and you have to clip it onto people without them knowing and you need to try and not get the tick. I also enjoyed doing Qigong every morning with Blanka”.

Thanks Class Acts team!

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