Prague through the eyes of an 8-year-old

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Weather: It was cold, wet and sunny. I didn’t really like it because there were lots of storms. I don’t have a coat so I couldn’t really go outside when it rained.

plates of sushi on conveyor beltFood: I liked a restaurant called Running Sushi the best. I liked that the food goes on conveyor belts. I had a lot of sashimi.

Language: Czech was a bit weird and wasn’t very easy to learn. I learnt a few words: ahoj = hello, smrzlina = ice cream, dikki = thank you.

People: I met some really nice kids from other travelling families:¬†Brooke, Savannah, Colin, Winston and Henry, Evi. Did you know Evi is the first person I’ve met from South Africa?

father and daughter by slides in Petrin park

Places to go: I really liked the cat cafe – I loved playing with the cats. Also Petrin park has a play park where the slides are wavy and really fast.

Best thing about our flat: I liked the balcony which was for my bedroom and the living room.

Best experience: I loved going for a sleepover at Brooke’s house and also going to Savannah’s party. It was also fun going to the Class Acts Summer camp.

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