Panoramic of Prague

Prague, meh

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If you read my post when I first arrived in Prague, you’ll remember I wasn’t particularly enamoured with the familiarity of my surroundings, and I was grumpy mainly because Prague wasn’t Valencia.

We arrived in Prague knowing that we’d only have 6 weeks there. Maybe that affects your mindset from the start. I knew the main reason we were there is because it’s hard to book anywhere in the summer holidays, and this was one of the cheapest places we could find on Airbnb.

So I didn’t have high expectations. Prague wasn’t high on my list of places I wanted to see. I’d like to tell you that I was pleasantly surprised, but, meh.

Panoramic of Prague

The best things about Prague

It’s always good to start with the positives. Here are the good memories I’ll take away from Prague.

  • People. It’s always the people, right? There weren’t a lot of people in our life in Prague, but I did have a couple of good days working with Irish Stephen (whom I met in Valencia), and one evening I remember spent at the Barnes’ lovely big house, after meeting them at a medieval festival in the grounds of Prague castle! Plus we had visitors, my boss came out with his daughter, I had a couple of days getting to know Malc better, plus I had the opportunity to pray with Lloyd at the end of his family’s visit.
  • Impact Hub – the co-working space I worked from. After spending one day in Node 5, which was like working in a dark library from the 1990s, I was well pleased with the environment in Impact Hub. I was prepared for a month of getting my head down and working on the new Book Creator website, so I wasn’t particularly looking to meet lots of people. I liked this space a lot. What’s more, Impact Hub has offices all over the world (including Zagreb), so I may well end up in one again.
  • Public transport. Wonderful. Practically door to door and cheap as pomfrity.
  • Variety of food. It was nice to be able to get all sorts of food again, I guess that’s the benefit of being in a capital city. We particularly liked the Mexican at Hombre Del Mundo in Anděl. And then there was the trdelník, which was lush but loses points for the fact it melted into mush and leaked all over our shoes.
  • Ice cream. The amazing ice cream from Angelato at the bottom of Petrin hill has to have it’s own special mention. I even tried the Jasmine rice flavour ice cream and liked it.
  • Prague castle. It’s amazing to look at and stuff.
  • The Apple museum. A really cool museum which is actually more like a shrine to Steve Jobs. Overpriced but I was glad to have a wander around it, particularly as if it wasn’t for the iPad, I wouldn’t have a job.

The worst things about Prague

  • People. It’s always the people, right? Forgive the sweeping generalisation, but we found many people (not all) to be unfriendly and unwelcoming. I suppose it could just be a common experience in capital cities where residents are sick of tourists and everyone’s in such a rush anyway etc.
  • Stag parties. Or maybe it’s the hordes of drunken idiots we send to their country that makes locals unfriendly?! I’ll be honest, we lived far away enough from the action to not be too bothered by stag parties. I include them here only because I had to take a flight back to England during my stay in Prague. I took a Sunday morning flight on Ryanair and was surrounded by stags, most of whom hadn’t even gone to bed, and reeked of alcohol. The party behind me reminisced beautifully about how one of them had pood himself and somehow managed to spread it across the entire hotel room.
  • Weather. It was like an English summer. That should tell you enough.

It wasn’t that Prague was a bad place. But I can definitely say I have no desire to go back. I’ve been in Zagreb a few weeks now and  I much prefer the quieter, more peaceful atmosphere here. So thanks for having us Prague, but you only score a C+.

Going home for a funeral

It’s a traveller’s nightmare to have bad news from home whilst you’re away. Sadly my Uncle Shaun passed away whilst I was in Prague. I spoke to my dad and he was clear there was no need for me to come home for the funeral.

To be honest, I wasn’t really close to Uncle Shaun. He had Downs Syndrome and I’ve only met him a handful of times in my life.

But I figured that had I already been in Asia or even further away, I wouldn’t even have had the chance to come back. I knew it would mean a lot to my dad if I could be there, and it’s not very often that his side of the family get together anyway. So I booked a flight and came home. I’m indebted to my cousin Nathan for putting me up and driving all the way to Stansted to get me (thanks cuz).

I surprised my dad the day before the funeral and was very glad to be with him and the rest of the family to say goodbye to Uncle Shaun.

Sbohem, Praha

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  1. Some good tips there – have always wanted to visit Prague. The stag parties sound mega irritating though!!

  2. Missed you guys!

    Yes, all the capital cities are about the same! Can not agree more! I was hated Beijing a lot…but I also missed Beijing a lot… The people there are very welcoming whever you come from! Transport were amazingly cheap! 20p for a underground single journey!

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