Baby chick lying next to it's egg shell

Gary, Meredith, Bob & Kevin have hatched

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We went to Valencia’s science museum!

We saw baby chicks hatch! There were 3 incubators, with about ten eggs in each one. When we found the eggs there was nothing happening, but when we came back later we saw a little hole in an egg. We named the chick inside it ‘Gary‘ and we really wanted Gary to get out of his shell. I could see Gary’s beak poking out of the little hole, trying to break the egg.

We went to see other parts of the science museum and we kept coming back to see the eggs. Then we saw another egg with a hole in it. We stayed there about half an hour and then we saw the egg start to shake and there were lots of cracks in it. We named this one ‘Meredith‘ and we watched her hatch! I felt happy to see a chick hatch – I’ve never seen it before.

Here is a video of one of the chicks hatching.

In the end I saw 4 chicks hatch. We named the other two ‘Bob‘ and ‘Kevin‘.

A picture of a newly hatched chickWhen the chicks come out they look like us when we’ve just come out of a shower. Here is a picture of Meredith when she’s just hatched.

Some of them get stuck on their back and some have goo all over them. They then start trying to walk and sometimes fall over. Their feathers start drying and they look like fluffy chicks.

It was a fun experience to see eggs hatch. It was my favourite part of the museum.

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