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Worldschooling so far

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We’ve been here for over 3 weeks now and are just about finding our groove with worldschooling (I called it homeschooling in the past but Roobs prefers worldschooling). Lots of people have been asking how it’s going so I thought I’d share what we’ve been up to.

Daily rhythm

So we tend to do our worldschooling in the mornings. Mainly because Roobs seems to have the most focus then – and we like being able to have our afternoons and evenings free to do other activities. We don’t have any topics that HAVE to be done each day but we do cover these topics each week: maths, English, spellings, Spanish, science, music (she brought her harmonica and a small keyboard in her suitcase) and baking.

We use a number of awesome apps on the iPad as well as some text books we brought with us. We probably spend about 2-3 hours a day on this more formal way of learning but we are flexible and sometimes it takes less time and sometimes it takes longer.


Roobs’ previous teacher at her old school is sending us the same emails and homework as the rest of the class. It has been a great way for Roobs to stay in touch with the class as well as follow the same topics and subjects that they are doing.

This week Miss Mount sent us homework which was to research an endangered animal. Roobs was really excited about it and spent a couple of hours making this factsheet:

Ruby's panda project


We have the freedom to do projects on whatever catches Roobs’ imagination. So far she has made a book about her oldest friend – 93 year old Ted, and we are about to start a project looking at chemical reactions using real experiments.

Front cover of Ted's ebook made in Book Creator

Front cover of Ted’s ebook made in Book Creator

Teamwork and making friends

This was probably my biggest worry. As an only child I was worried that Roobs wouldn’t have little people to hang out with, to giggle and play with, even to argue with! My plan was (and is) to find groups and activities that would give her an opportunity to make friends and socialise with peers. So far in Valencia we have found lots of opportunities!

There is an after school cafe which runs craft activities and games every afternoon called ‘Que viene el lobo?’. It is run by a super friendly and welcoming team. The owners are 2 sisters who have made Roobs feel really at home. She has been to lots of workshops there and has made a frog prince, a sand ornament, a clay book, and she has even made pizza.

She has met lots of kids there and it is amazing how she can play and communicate with them despite the language barrier. Roobs loves it there and is going tonight to make a light saber as the cafe are running Star Wars workshops this week.

Roobs and her clay book

Roobs and her clay book

We always planned to find piano lessons for her wherever we can as she really loves playing. We found the Yamaha Music School here and they have a teacher who is able to teach her in English. Perfect.

We also found an English school called English Wink Academy who are running weekly Lego Robotics workshops in conjunction with Droide (an awesome company teaching educational robotics). Roobs loves lego and so we signed her up to these workshops. So far she has built a robot warrior and taken part in a robot war (she won!) and made a robot football game as well as a sumo wrestling-bot.

She has really enjoyed it and despite being worried that it is all boys (it is) she is really embracing it and learning lots of things that I would never be able to teach her.

Sumo wrestling bot

Sumo wrestling bot

With her lego robotics teacher - Adrian

With her lego robotics teacher – Adrian

We have found an international church here (El Faro) and they have kids groups during the service. In her kids group at church she has already made a couple of lovely friends.

Informal learning

The biggest part of her education here is the experience of living in Valencia. She has learnt so much already about being in a different culture. Her Spanish improves every day because she is immersed in it. She has learnt about the exchange rate so we can work out how much things are in GBP. She is learning how to read maps and bus timetables. She is learning to be bold and to make friends by being brave and taking the initiative.

So overall I think it’s going ok. I know we will make mistakes but this is a learning process for the 2 of us. At the moment she’s learning all the time and is enjoying it.

Now off we go to see what happens when you leave an egg in vinegar for 2 days… (her new science project).

Travel really is the best education.

“The whole world is our school: school isn’t our whole world!”

2018 mini update

We are still worldschooling and have had lots of ups and downs carving out what works for us over the past 2 years. People ask us what websites we use so we thought we’d put a list here of a few we’ve found to be helpful:

  • Khan Academy This site has all sorts of amazing in depth lessons and courses for kids and adults. It’s completely free and has videos to explain.
  • We are using a site to learn all about coding. It has some great ideas for activities and resources.
  • BBC Bitesize Following the UK curriculum and divides their courses up into ages and Key Stage levels. Some of the stuff here is really fun!
  • Quizzy Kid This site has lots of quizzes for kids. There are free online quizzes and you can also pay to print out worksheets so kids can answer the questions on their own.

We use a few other apps but that will be another post!


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  1. What an experience Suewan. My two love hearing about Roobs’ adventures. Sending lots of love. Sandra, Ci and Dan xxxx

    1. Author

      Glad we are able to stay in touch this way. Tell Ciara that a card is in the post. Hope all is good with you xx

    1. Author

      Thanks Emma! Just hoping I don’t ruin her entire education!

  2. Well done 2 of you!! Hug hug xx. You can teach Freddie how to make a light saber!!

  3. …………and not a table, chair, whiteboard in sight. Brilliant stuff.

    I found a fun app for learning times tables called timez attack ( why they do silly spelling on kids things I don’t know). The programme recognises the players skill level and adapts the levels as they progress, get the answers right and the monsters are destroyed. It reports players progress too. If stuck on a particular level it adapts to help the player learn and then succeed.
    Love to you all xxxxx❤️

    1. Author

      Thanks for the tip Aunty Peggy, will check out the app later x

    1. Author

      I know! I sort of wanted to do it too but am apparently not allowed…

    1. Author

      Yes she was also very proud of it. You can see it stuck on the wall in the living room in a couple of weeks! X

  4. Sounds brilliant. Bet she’ll learn much more than in school here!
    Rosie & Elsie

    1. Author

      She still misses school though – not the work of course! but her lovely friends.
      She loves the card Elsie sent for them to colour together. Such a great idea.

  5. Well done! Suewan & Roobs! Similar to us here! We all learn something new!

    1. Author

      Miss you all. Hope you can come and visit in the Summer x

  6. Amazing, sounds great. Lego club sounds awesome. Wish M had taken as much time as Roobs did doing the fact sheet!

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