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The ‘Primavera Educativa’ fair

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Last week I went to the ‘Primavera Educativa’ fair in the river (not literally, it’s dried up now).

This fair was for children to play and learn. I tried lots of different activities like: arts and crafts, looking in a microscope and Spanish games.

On the scarf

upside down on the scarfMy favourite activity was the circus school. I did gym: there was a tree with a really long, black scarf tied on it and there were two ladies who were helping children to do acrobatics on the scarf.

The ladies did not speak any English so they had to call other people to tell me what to do. I found it fun but hard. I really enjoyed it when they used the scarf to wrap me up in a cocoon and spun me round! It felt really cool.

I also balanced on different things like circus people do: balls, planks and even a tightrope.

The hardest one was the plank because it was very wobbly. I think the one I did best was the tightrope, the man said I kept my chin up and held my arms out well. He kept saying ‘¡Muy bien!

  • Roobs on a ball
  • Roobs on a board
  • Roobs walking a tightrope

NB – note from mummy: There were LOADS of other things that we did! She got to look at sand and shingle through a microscope, she had a special shell necklace made for her, she made badges, bookmarks and paper flowers, we played and learnt about Roman games, she got to dress up in traditional Valencian clothes, we listened to a youth orchestra and she got to make her own orange juice with fresh oranges. All that and we didn’t even get to see a quarter of the workshops!

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  1. Hey Roobs!!!
    It looks like you are having so much fun!!!! I keep checking on Facebook for new blogs. Are you having fun? The weather looks really hot. I have a sore throat at the moment. What is the nicest food that you have eaten so far??

    Keep up with your posts I read them while I have breakfast.

    So proud of you and your big adventure

    Lots of love and cuddles
    Auntie Jessie and Uncle Carl

    1. Author

      I’m having loads of fun, and it’s really hot! 🙂
      Hmmmm… my favourite food is patatas bravas (that’s basically potato).

      Loads of love Roobs! 😉

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