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When I left Bristol my friends gave me a present to remember them. It was a build-a-bear teddy called Amy. I am taking her around the world with me because she is special to me. So far she has been on a plane, on trains, on buses and is in Valencia with us. I bought a special sling for her so I can carry her to different places.

Amy in her sling

Amy in her sling

Name: Amy

Middle name: Cerens (C for Ciara, E for Ella, R for Roobs, E for Elsie, N for Naomi and S for Sophia)

Surname: Kemp

Age: 2

Eye colour: purple

Superpower: sends hugs around the world from me to my friends

Type of animal: cheetah

Favourite hobby: Dancing and singing

Favourite food: fish and rice

Dislikes: Having naps

Favourite colour: turquoise

Favourite dress: party dress

Favourite object: bracelet

Favourite thing to say:

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  1. Hi Roobs yeah Amy’s favorite thing to say is that! Oh and by the way last night 10th of may I was out in the garden with Gary (to give him some fresh air ) Kofi came out and accidentally stood on Gary. He was ok.We put shells around him and he got a new shell. But it’s ok we will get another Gary xxx Els

    1. Author

      Hi Els, Poor Gary. Make sure Kofi is a bit more careful around him next time. Did you cry Els? I feel sad for you. Miss you and miss my Gary, Love Roobs.

      PS – When I come back from around the world I hope our 2 Garys can meet up

  2. Hi Roobs.

    Glad Amy is doing well.
    How are you? Have you done anything exciting yet? What’s it like having your Mum as your teacher right now in Spain?
    At school it is really fun in our project this term. I am doing a larve fact sheet. Dad took some photos of me and a larve coming out of its home to go in the water. But instead I held it whilst it was hatching in my hand.
    I will write you a long message soon.

    From your friend Na xxx

    1. Author

      Hi Na,
      I’m doing great!I went to Gulliver’s park!It’s him lying on the ground with all his body bits turned into slides! 🙂
      It’s really fun having my mum as my teacher.

      love Roobsxxx 😉

  3. HI Ruby
    I nearly broke my nose. I fell into the radiator. It is swollen but I was very brave. We watched films about endangered animals and plants. What did you do? I miss you
    love Ciara xxxx

    1. Author

      Hi Ci,
      I’m not going to ask you about your nose, but I am going to tell what i’m doing for my project. I’m doing pandas. What are you doing for your project?

      Love Roobsxxx 😉

  4. Hey Roobs I’m doing sloths and on wear it wild day I’m going to be a sloth so I can be late for lessons ! ❤️
    Elsie xxx

    1. Author

      Wow Elsie I wish I was you! Hope Miss Mount doesn’t tell you off! Love Roobs x

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