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This blog is not about our travels, sorry. In fact, it’s a blog about some of the pieces of music that have been a part of my life. A bit like Nick Hornby’s book High Fidelity.

I know that’s a bit random, but truth be told, my mind begins to wander when I’m out running, and I got to thinking about the first single I ever bought, and then some of the other important songs in my life.

And I thought we could make it all fun and interactive – you could share some of your important songs in the comments, and tell me how you feel about the bizarre mix of songs that I’ve come up with.

This blog post should really be called ‘Life Mix Tape’ or something. But would you have clicked on that?

Chesney Hawkes – The Secrets of the Heart

Oh lord. This was the first single I ever bought. I went with my best mate Jez to Our Price in Canterbury when I was 11 years old and bought the tape with my pocket money.

What kind of saddo loser doesn’t even buy The One And Only good song that Chesney Hawkes released?!? Who buys his second single?

And I bet you didn’t know this song was also in a film starring Chesney Hawkes and rock legend Roger Daltrey?

2 Unlimited – Shelter on a Rainy Day

You have to understand that the early 90s was a terrible, awful time to be alive musically speaking.

Unless you liked rave or happy hardcore or crap dance music, there wasn’t a lot for you. So begrudgingly in 1993 I got a copy of 2 Unlimited’s No Limits album (very unlikely I bought this one, by now I had discovered piracy and probably recorded this from John McCann).

It just goes to show you how counter-cultural I am that my favourite song on this album was the most un-2 Unlimited song there’s ever been. But that doesn’t mean it’s good. It’s terrible. Be warned.

No-No-No-No-No-No-No-No-No-No-No-No there’s no limits to how bad that is.

Oasis – Live Forever

I managed to get an actual un-pirated tape of Definitely Maybe by trading it for my tennis racquet with Marc Watson. It was 1994 and music was about to finally get good. At last I had a sound that I could identify with. Oasis inspired me to learn guitar and Live Forever became my favourite song of all time.

Coldplay – Trouble

There’s no amusing story to go with this. But I do remember the exact moment I first fell in love with Coldplay. I was in my shared student house in Erdington, and there was an advert on the TV for some soap opera or something. They were playing Trouble by Coldplay to accompany the ad and I instantly wanted to find out what that song was. No Shazaam in those days. But I must have figured it out somehow.

It’s not fashionable to like Coldplay any more, but I don’t give a monkeys.

Lighthouse – Everything

It was 2001, I was in a record shop in Stuttgart buying tickets to go and watch Travis play live (supported by Turin Brakes). This song came on and I demanded to know who it was. It was the first time I’d ever bought an album just on hearing one song in a shop.

A few years later I found out Lifehouse are Christians and this song took on a whole new meaning to me.

Longview – Further

Another case of being in a record shop, hearing a song, and wanting to buy it immediately. Only this time I was in Osaka, Japan (2004). This whole album became the soundtrack to my time in Japan. I listened to it every day on loop on my MiniDisc player. This band were so good, I can’t believe they never released another album.

Darlene Zschech – Shout to the Lord

My year in Japan is also when I became a Christian. One day, after church, there was a guitar lying around and someone asked if anyone could play, so I volunteered. They gave me a chord sheet for this song and we sang it.

I honestly thought that Christians only sang hymns in church. For real. My mind was blown that Christians sang modern songs too. I was so happy!

(I can’t stand this song now).

Damien Rice – The Blower’s Daughter

This was the song Suewan and I chose for our first dance when we got married in 2006. Suewan hated dancing in front of everyone. I just always presumed that’s what you had to do at a wedding so I forced her to do it.

Gotye – Somebody I Used To Know

I suppose it happens to most people as they grow older, but I stopped buying new music so much in the last 10 years or so. It’s only because of Spotify that I even get to hear new music anymore.

So I’m including this song from 2012 because it’s the last time in recent memory that I’ve heard a song and it made a lasting impression on me. I remember hearing this on Radio 1 whilst driving down the M5 back to Bristol after a day’s work at the Diocesan Office in Worcester.

There’s something about this song that makes me feel like a teenager again. It stirs up emotions in me that remind what unrequited love felt like when I was 14/15.

You should also check out the amazing cover of this song. And the parody of the cover!

So there you go. Pretty indulgent, sorry. But I had a lot of fun writing this post. Why don’t you share some of your songs and the reasons below?

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  1. Your click bate was second to none, I salute you sir. I also equally enjoyed your trips down memory lane…some very exposing musical purchases there…you should write a blog, you’re good at it 😉

  2. Nice post Dan! (I’m very much enjoying your blog. You didn’t need to tempt me in with promises of domestic violence! ). The first singles I bought were vinyl singles from morrisons. I got home and my dad asked how was I going to play them given we had no turntable, so, nice as he is, we went out and bought one that day. Anyway, I digress. They were. Madness: it must be love, the temptations: my girl theme and finally Shanice: I love your smile. 2 out of 3 of those make me cringe, I will leave it to you to decide which ones.

  3. Great blogging Dan, keep it going, by the way Chesney Hawkes was on Talksport this morning by coincidence and he doesn’t sound like a little kid any more.
    On the subject of early nineties music you can’t go wrong with Massive Attack.

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