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We are just getting used to the Spanish way of life.


For the first week or so we had been getting our timings all wrong. Not because of jet lag (the flight here was only 2 hours) but because the rhythm of life here in Valencia is quite different to what we are used to.

We would wake up and do some homeschool after breakfast. Then we’d have a break, do a bit more homeschool and stop for lunch. By then it would be around 1 – 2pm and that was when we would head out to explore.

However that’s also around the time of day when it is siesta time here so everything is pretty quiet and some places close for a few hours. It makes a lot of sense because it is the hottest part of the day. Everything re-opens and you start seeing locals again around 4pm.

So for the first week we were heading out into the hot and practically empty streets only to exhaust ourselves from being too hot and bothered and then deciding to head home again at the precise point that locals would come out!

After a week of this we realised that we should adjust our pattern to make the most of our mornings by heading out and making sure we are home to siesta too (Woohoo! If you know me you know I like naps 😉) We then head out again in the evenings and the days feel much longer and more relaxed.


Well we are still trying different Spanish foods. Our first impression is that there is a lot of bread, a lot of oil and a lot of shellfish (which I can’t eat 😫). Our favourite discoveries have been tortillas with potatoes and onions, paella and Dan particularly likes the Valencian specialty Horchata (a milky drink made from ground almonds, tiger nuts, or rice).


Dan contemplates is horchata and fartons (yes, fartons)

Something that surprised us is that so many restaurants here don’t open for dinner until 8pm. We are used to eating much earlier and have had a couple of instances where we have had to wait a couple of hours for the places to open or decided to grab some fast food instead. It is pretty normal here for families to eat their evening meals around 9pm.


We have all been using the Duolingo app for a few weeks to try and teach ourselves Spanish and it is quite fun but we feel you need more than the app to properly learn the language. I have been doing a Spanish course in a language school in the mornings this week and it has been good to learn the basics. We are all going to have some lessons during our time here as we feel it is a really useful language to learn.

So we are trying to embrace the Spanish way of life and I reckon it suits us ‘muy bien‘!


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  1. Nice and clear recap of what we remember also from our time in Spain. And I think you are adjusting marvelously! You found more to say about the food in Spain than I could have! Way to go about the change in your schedule to take advantage of the routine in Spain! Best to your language studies also! Hugs!

    1. Author

      Hola Sonja!
      Well we are hoping to try even more Spanish food once we get to restaurants that are actually open 🙂 Hope all is good in Hawaii. See you in the not too distant future xxx

  2. Muchos goodos… Glad you’re settling in well and getting used to the rhythm of things! Will try to FaceTime later or over the weekend. Looking forward to seeing you all soon X

    1. Author

      Super soon! Send us your details re: arrival/departure times etc x

  3. Buenos Nachos Suewan. Sorry that’s my limit I might be able to count to 100 but I’m not sure how helpful that will be for you. So lovely hearing from you all. I loved our brief stay in Valencia 🙂 Love to you all xxx

    1. Author

      Hola Mark! Counting to 100 is still a bit beyond me! Hope all is well with you, Sara and the kids. Have been thinking of you all alot recently. Roobs has requested to return to Othona for Christmas but I’m not quite sure how that will work… We may have to FaceTime you all for a virtual Christmas. Much love, Suewan

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