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We have had so many leaving dos, goodbye lunches, last-minute catch-ups and farewell parties these last few weeks. And it has made us realise what an amazing community we have.

Our friends have been babysitting for us whilst we packed, helping us manage the new tenant in our house, advertising our car for us, allowing us to stay with them, cooking for us, treating us to meals out, recommending contacts abroad, buying us travel gifts and loads more!

amy-the-bearAnd Roobs’ friends (and their parents!) have also been such a blessing. She has had countless playdates, sleepovers and parties in these last few weeks. Her friends and classmates have written her lovely cards and her besties bought her a wonderful present.

A group of 5 of them went to Build-a-Bear and made her a beautiful bear and recorded a message for her so that Roobs can hear their voices anytime she misses them! It was such a lovely idea and definitely her most treasured item.

We feel very loved.

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  1. This is Lovely, Suewan, what beautiful friends you have, showing their love and support in the most practical and kindly ways. I am enjoying seeing the start of your family story,
    it’s a long way from a childhood in Swalecliffe!

    Happy adventuring to you three.

    1. Author

      Thanks Lorna. It does feel a long way from Swalecliffe – still have lots and lots of happy memories from there. Particularly ye olde forge 🙂

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