How I’m finding homeschool

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I’m really enjoying homeschool apart from when it’s really hard. I enjoy working with my mum (most of the time). I like exploring with my learning and we do a lot of that in 3SK*

Examples of the work I have done are:

  • making a book about my friend Ted
  • writing in my journal
  • spellings
  • learning about time
  • piano practice
  • learning Spanish using Duolingo

And lots more!

*Roobs calls her class 3SK as she is in year 3 and her teacher has the initials SK 🙂

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog post about Class 3SK, Roobs. Glad you are keeping up the piano practice! Lots of love Iris, Lorraine & Lou

    1. Author

      Hi Iris,
      I really like Spain and it’s also really hot! Please tell me how your doing and please come and visit me!

      Love Roobs!!!

      P.S. I’m learning lots of new piano pieces with my piano teacher called Donny!

      1. Hi Roobster – sorry for the slow reply, I didn’t get a message pop up so only saw your reply. Iris is in bed now but will get her to type you a reply in the morning. Or ask Mum and Dad to send me your postal address in Valencia and we’ll send you a good old fashioned postcard! x

  2. Glad you’re enjoying (most of the time) homeschooling Roobs. You’ve got a pretty fab teacher teaching you all these exciting things.

    1. Author

      Hi Uncle Mark,
      Yes, I agree I do have a pretty cool teacher.

      Love Roobs!!!

      P.S. Say hello to Jemma, Ella and Louis!!!

  3. Ciara and Elsie chatting about Roobs in car on way to gym today. Think they are missing you. Xxxxx

    1. Author

      Hi Ci and Els,
      I’m missing you too.

      Love your best friend Roobs!!!

  4. Rooooooobs! Keep up the good work. I hope your mum isn’t being too hard on you
    Love you lots like jelly tots
    BoBo Biu Yee

    1. Author

      Hi BoBo,
      My mum isn’t too hard on me!

      Love Roobs!!!

      P.S. By the way I don’t like jelly tots, So I love you lots like coco pops
      [ coco poops ]


  5. Wonderful to hear about your experiences. Creative name of your school, nice work journaling, and hope you continue to enjoy your time with teacher Mum! Ellerie has just started piano lessons here since we have access to a grand piano where we are staying. Ellerie looks forward to practicing even. She loves Hawaii.
    Did you know that Spain was one of her first places as we began our travels? It was summer break and she wasn’t in school at the time and the water was warm where we were in Spain, so we really loved the beach. Here in HI, she is doing her lessons, and looks forward to our bible study on Wed nights where she gets to play with other children.
    She is not up yet, remember how she is a late sleeper? But I will show her your blog later today. Good job Roob!

    1. Author

      Hi Ellerie and Aunty Sonja,
      We also went to the beach! And we’re going again this afternoon!
      I have met some new friends at church and I’m looking forward to seeing them today at the beach.
      Please write back to me, maybe we can be penpals.

      Love Roobs!!!

  6. Hi Roobs, it’s Jemma’s Mum. Let me explain 🙂 Jemma’s class is really 3SC – because she has 2 teachers Sarah & Clair. She wants to be in class 3TV because she loves watching tele, 3TV would be all day tele!! She’s watching tele now but soon I will drag her to the beach as it’s hot here today. Jemma enjoyed your shell video – vlog ?! Louis laughs when I use computer lingo. Have a lovely Sunday in Valencia. Love to Mum & Dad too. Sara xxx

    1. Author

      That’s what I thought! I would also like to be in her class 🙂
      Love Roobs

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