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It is day 3 of leaving the UKĀ and now that we have unpacked and explored the city a little it is slowly starting to sink in that we have done it! We actually finally did it after almost 2 years of dreaming and plotting.

Over the last few weeks lots of people were asking us how we were feeling and I really didn’t know what to say as I wasn’t sure how I felt. There was just so much going on. So many people to see and things to do that my mind never really got to reflect.

So now I feel I have some head space and I can tell you that I feel mainly relieved (we made it!) and excited about the freedom we have to shape our adventure the way we want to. But I’m also feeling nervous, particularly about homeschooling.

As I start to homeschool Roobs I wonder if I am making a mistake. There were a lot of wonderful things about her school in Bristol and she has received a great education so far. I definitely had some complaints about the way children are taught in the UK, however for the most part I appreciate that her school has given her an amazing foundation and she has thrived there.

So now, as I develop her curriculum with her and we work on things we both feel are important for her to learn I am a little nervous of whether this will work out. Will I mess it up? Will she still love learning? Are my efforts at finding her peers to play with and engage with going to be enough or will she miss out socially because she is not at school?

I guess we will find out soon.

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  1. I am sure you will do just fine homeschooling Roobs. You have the freedom to explore true child centred learning. Whatever takes her interest you can incorporate maths, English, literature, science, art , religion, PSHE , creativity and foreign languages. You will find that learning happens everywhere .
    You both have the flexibility to learn at your own pace, to pause and just be, to reflect and experience awe and wonder. Sadly missing in the UK SATS driven curriculum and daily school routine.
    So all I am asking is where is Roobs blog space? Does she have a camera to record all the things that take her interest throughout her day. I would love to read about her perspective of her family adventure.

    1. Author

      Hi Aunty Peggy, yes she is in the process of videoing her blog entries and my parents brought her a camera for her birthday so she has lots of pics to share with everyone. Her plan is to read out some of the entries from her journal which Carol bought her as well as type up some of her own thoughts. Watch this space.

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